As a new type of energy source, LPG gas can effectively control automobile exhaust pollution. Improve the atmospheric environment. In recent years, LPG has been widely used in vehicles and home gas cylinder. LPG will grow as a major energy consumer goods in the future.Hongyang Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. focuses on providing professional filling equipment and solutions for various types of filling stations. The company’s filling equipment quality is reliable, accurate measurement, can be applied to a variety of different environmental work, to provide customers with good use experience. Hongyang gas filling equipment is durable, suitable for harsh working environment, simple maintenance and intelligent operation is affirmed and praised from Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, more than 30 countries.

LPG Filling Scale

LPG Filling Scale

Hongyang LPG filling scale is specially designed for filling and metering equipment for home gas cylinder, convenient installation, intelligent use process, according to different tank capacity, SCALES automatically choose perfusion scheme, accurate measurement, friendly man-machine interface, convenient for users to operate.。Strong and durable quality is very suitable for small LPG station busy filling work.

Main Features :

(1) The keys are complete, one key operation, and each function has an independent key correspondence, which avoids the complexity of combined key operation and memory. It is simple and easy to use, and can carry out conventional filling operation without special training.

(2) It adopts super large 7-inch color LCD with clear data display and complete items. It adopts outdoor UV proof high brightness LCD screen.

(3) Under the intelligent filling mode, the calculated target amount of residual gas can also be rounded quickly, and the filling station does not need change.

(4) Wireless communication (optional): the filling information can be wirelessly transmitted to the server in real time to monitor the filling process at the same time. The daily business data of the inflation point can be viewed and managed by using the desktop browser program or mobile app.

(5) Print small ticket (optional).

(6) Anti-cheating function design.

(7) IC card function (optional); The customer number can be easily read by using a contactless IC card.

(8) Points consumption (optional); You can set up a point consumption mode on the web side, which is an effective sales tool to drain customers and cultivate loyal customers.

(9) After opening the software service, you can open the web page or use the mobile app to set parameters, add employees, view business data, query reports, etc.

(10) After opening the software service, you can use the large electronic screen to establish a visual data center to visually view various business data.