HQJ LPG Dispenser

Hongyang LPG dispenser adopts advanced design concept, simple operation, easy to user, humanized design; suitable for various types of filling stations, can serve both vehicle filling and home gas cylinder.The whole machine quality is reliable, safe and durable, accurate measurement, to provide customers with super first-class experience.

Specifications :
Connection Liquid Line 1″,20kgf/cm2,Flange
Gas Line 1/2″,20kgf/cm2,Flange
Blow Line 1/2″,20kgf/cm2,Flange
Pressure Property Max. Operating Pressure 18kgf/cm2
Airtightness Test Pressure 20kgf/cm2
Resisting Test Pressure 30kgf/cm2
Flow Meter Construction 4-Piston Type
Outlet Diameter 3/4″
MPE ±0.5%
Flow Range 10~60L/min
Tmpperature Type Electronic
Operating Temp -40°C-+50°C
Referance Temp 15°C
Display Sales Amount 1~99999999
Volume 0.01~99999.99Liter
Unit Price 1~99999.9
Preset Provided Price.Volume and Accumulated Sales
Self Diagnosis Provided Self Diagnosis Function,etc
Power Source Electrical Single Phase,AC220V 50/60Hz
Input Range -30%~+30%
Safety Coupling Separating Pressure 30kgf/cm2
Operating Load 60kgf/cm2
Safety Valve Operating Pressure 13kgf/cm2
Others Anti-Explosion Resisting Pressure Anti-Explosion
Excess Flow Valve Provided
Quick-Coupling Provided
Strainer Provided
POS Interface RS485
Hose Hook Provided
Pressure Gauge Pressure Range 0~40kgf/cm2
Denmension Packing Size 900*530*1520