Adopts high-quality weighing sensor and explosion-proof solenoid valve, combined with reliable hardware design and stable microcomputer control technology.

Technical Parameters :

Power supply : single-phase 220V 50Hz Efficiency : 30W
Scale weight(Max) : 120KG Scale weight(Min) : 1kg
Scale interval : 100g Accuracy level : III
Temperature : -40℃~50℃ Humidity : Relative humidity≤90%
Pressure : 2.4MPa Scale table size : 420mm*530mm
Explosion-proof sign : ExdmeibⅡAT3

Structure and Appearance :

  • Display screen and control host; 7-inch industrial large screen, color high brightness, special for outdoor use.
  • Crane pipe; prevent safety problems caused by rubber hose dragging and compression.
  • Scale plate; It has anti-overshoot device, which is firm and durable.

Features :

(1)Each function has an independent key correspondence
(2)With 7″ LCD
(3)Click “G1” under smart mode, the target amount can also be rounded
(4)Wireless communication (optional): the data can be transmitted to the server in real time. The report show by mobile app
(5)With micro-printer (optional).
(6)Anti-cheating function design:
A)Password protection,three class rights.
B)Record all information (initial bottle weight, end bottle weight, filling time, filling number, start time and end time) to avoid general cheating
C)Judge and record the illegal operation such as moving, lifting and pressing bottles in the filling process.
D)Machine can be locked with password
E)Automatically store the filling curve and the key record.
(7)IC card function (optional); The customer number can be easily read by using a contactless IC card.
(8)Points system (optional);
(9)Mobile app
(10)Visual data center