LPG Filling Scale


Adopts high-quality weighing sensor and explosion-proof solenoid valve, combined with reliable hardware design and stable microcomputer control technology.

LPG Dispenser


Hongyang LPG dispenser adopts advanced design concept, simple operation, easy to user, humanized design; suitable for various types of filling stations, can serve both vehicle filling and home gas cylinder.The whole machine quality is reliable, safe and durable, accurate measurement, to provide customers with super first-class experience.

Mobile lpg dispenser


Mobile LPG dispenser can be moved with the vehicles by using its power to meet the selling demand of petroleum gas. It has various functions of ordinary LPG dispensers.Single nozzle controlling system, safe and reliable, compact and small ,easy-to-use.

LPG skid refilling plant


LPG portable fuel device is a set of LPG dispensers,separate and explosion-proof gas storage tanks,multi-functional pump and pipeline systems, intelligent liquid level systems, and combustible gas alarm device, emergency relief device, automatic fire extinguisher in one of the grounds fueling equipment.